Can I Get Rhinoplasty if I Have Sinusitis?

I want to get a Rhinoplasty, but I get sinusitis often. Will this prevent the surgery from being possible, or will it cause complications during or after the surgery?

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Rhinoplasty surgery and sinus surgery can be performed at the same time

Rhinoplasty surgery and sinus surgery can be performed at the same time under the same general anesthetic. A CAT scan of the paranasal sinuses will further delineate the extent of chronic sinusitis the patient has prior to embarking on a rhinoplasty surgery.

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Okay to Have Rhinoplasty With a History of Sinusitis

Hi Alex,

You can have rhinoplasty with a history of sinusitis. You should be treated with a two week course of antibiotics, wait a week, and then get a limited coronal CT scan of your sinuses to evaluate whether any sinus procedures should be done at the same time. Many surgeons give their patients a dose of antibiotics during surgery, and give a prophylactic dose of Vibramycin for a few days following the rhinoplasty. Try to find a surgeon who doesn't routinely use packing in the nose after surgery. Do choose your rhinoplasty surgeon most carefully. Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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Rhinoplasty and Sinusitis

In patients with active purulent sinusitis, it may be advised to have your sinusitis treated first prior to having a rhinoplasty.  There is literature regarding this topic.  Some patients can have sinus surgery at the same time as rhinoplasty if the following conditions are met:

  • Avoid sinus surgery and revision rhinoplasty at the same time
  • Complex purulent sinus cases should be done at a separate visit as a rhinoplasty case, particularly when grafting is involved
  • Less complex rhinoplasty procedures and less complex sinus procedures can be performed safely typically at the same time

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Rhinoplasty and Sinusitis

It is OK to have a rhinoplasty if you have a history of sinusitis. You just don't want to have the surgery performed when you have a sinusitis attack.

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Sinusitis can be treated and Rhinoplasty can be done

Antibiotics can be used to treat an infection before and during the surgery. If you indeed have sinusitis, the sinuses can be opened during surgery as well as doing the other nasal surgery.

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