How Far Ahead Should I Get Rhinoplasty Consultations?

Hello! I've decided after a few years that I would like to go ahead and get a rhinoplasty. I think the ideal time for me to get the surgery would be the middle of June... so my question is, when should I began consulting surgeons?... now?

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Scheduling Rhinoplasty

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Contact your Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon's office to inquire about their scheduling lag time. The busier the surgeon, the longer the lag time. The patient coordinator should be able to help answer you scheduling questions. Best of luck!

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Rhinoplasty and scheduling

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The scheduling process for consultations should begin soon as you may want to see several physicians in determining your final choice. Each surgeons schedule is different and June is often a busy time as many patients schedule procedures at the beginning of summer especially students who have a short time off prior to their return to school. I would also suggest finding a surgeon who had a digital imaging computer so that you may see your purported results prior to any surgical procedure. This will help you in determining the exact look you want and the physician confident in providing that to you. I would review the pre and post operative photographs of the surgeon and also speak with other patients from his/her office and how their experience was. I keep thousands of notes from my patients as well as post surgery surveys for other patients to review. I believe this gives new patients peace of mind knowing that so many patients have been happy and have had a great experience as well. So I would get the process started and best wishes and quick healing!

Michael Elam, MD
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Rhinoplasty and timing

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If you are planning to have a rhinoplasty in June, then I woulds suggest having a consulation ASAP to get all the information you need and to definitely set the dat that you want. The longer you wait, the less likely the date you want surgery will be available.

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That depends on how quickly you want your Rhinoplasty.  I have performed Rhinoplasty for over 20 years and experienced Rhinoplasty surgeons may be booked for 6 months or longer.  It's probably better for you to take the time to find the right Rhinoplasty Surgeon for you.

  • 4 consults with top Rhinoplasty Surgeons should be more than enough
  • do not use price as your determing factor because highly skilled and experienced Rhinoplasty Surgeons are not the ones offering discount or inexpensive prices.  Average cost is $5,500 - $7,500 plus OR and Anesthesia fees and could be higher if your nose is a difficult case.
  • I have trained Facial Plastic Surgeons for a good portion of my career and IMHO it takes thousands of Rhinoplasties and a minimum of 7-10 years in practice to become proficient at performing Rhinoplasty.  It is the most technically difficult plastic and cosmetic surgery procedure.
  • You may want to read my article on "How to Choose Your Plastic Surgeon"

That depends on how booked out the surgeon is that you select.

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The busier your surgeon is the farther out they will be booked and the earlier you should make decision and book the date. We recommend that patients who have a specific date book it with a deposit as schedules can fill up quickly. Good luck.

Ivan Wayne, MD
Oklahoma City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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