Rhinoplasty and Lasik?

Hi, I am travelling abroad for some plastic surgery, I will be away 3 weeks and I am planning to have rhinoplasty and lasik eye surgery, my plastic surgeon advise me to have lasik after the rhinoplasty however the opthamologist told me to do the lasik before the rhinoplasty, this should be fine as long as the surgeons don't touch my eye. please advise

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Who goes first?

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I would encourage the rhinoplasty surgery first and allow several months of healing before attempting the LASIK surgery.

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Rhinoplasty and Lasik Surgery Timing

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Hello. It would be best to perform the rhinoplasty before you have your lasik surgery. The rhinoplasty is more invasive and could cause problems if the eyes have recently been operated on and are very sensitive.


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Lasik After Rhinoplasty

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It would seem more appropriate that the more delicate eye surgery should be done after the rhinoplasty surgery to lessen the risk of any corneal injury. A rhinoplasty procedure has a greater likelihood of affecting Lasik surgery than the Lasik procedure affecting the rhinoplasty result.

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