I have noticed my nose tip turn slightly blue when it gets cold. Am I a good candidate for revision rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I had a primary rhinoplasty 5 years ago with a Doctor in VA and he wasn't a facial plastic surgeon.Anyways, within that 5 years he has operated on me 2 more times apart from the original. He nor I was happy with the tip . I have found a really good facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC to do a revision summer of 2015. Only thing is I have noticed the tip of my nose turning slightly blue when it gets cold. Its only when it gets cold though. Should I be thinking twice about surgery?

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You would benefit from a revision rhinoplasty

I am sorry to hear about that problems you are having. Looking at your photos I would guess you have had a lot of support removed from the tip of your nose. That is giving it a drooping and round appearance. This can be addressed with cartilage grafting. As far as your skin feeling cold it would need to be assessed in person. I have seen noses before that have had damage to the blood supply from the previous rhinioplasty surgery. This doesn't mean you can't have a revision surgery, but that more care needs to be exercised. Revision rhinoplasty is definately tricky and be sure you consult with an expert in this area. I hope this helps.

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Worth it

Mkw32:  I am not sure who your surgeon is in Charlotte, but I know Dr. Kulbersh in Charlotte and he is very well-trained in revision rhinoplasty.

I agree your tip could use another revision.  The blue discoloration when it is cold is not uncommon after several rhinoplasties.  It is a sign that the blood supply to the nasal tip skin has been slightly compromised by all of the surgery.  It is not a contraindication to more surgery, but it does suggest you are at higher risk of complications like small areas of skin loss, prolonged swelling, and/or infection.  It is likely worth this risk, but you should be aware.  Best of luck. 

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Revision nose surgery

Mkw32, vascular insufciency can occur in patientts that have had repeated nose surgeries. It is quite unusual. I've been doing nothing but facial plastic surgery for over 25 years and have never seen this complication. There is no way to predict if this is going to be an issue. So in essence this is a risk but an extremely rare one. Hope this helps!

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Revision Rhinoplasty in San Diego

Dear Mk, thank you for your question. Revision rhinoplasty is a complex procedure that requires experience and skill. Look for an experienced board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon who can demonstrate excellent results. Good Luck!

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