Restylane and Metabolizing?

I had 1 syringe (1 mL) of Restylane for marionette lines 2 weeks ago (first time). My derm didn't use it all on the marionette lines, but "hit" a few other problem areas as well, so not all was used in the area that bugs me most. Once the initial swelling subsided, the lines were back. Now 2 weeks later, and it's like I had nothing done. He told me that some people metabolize Restylane quickly. Is it possible that I metabolized as quickly as 2 weeks? Or do I need more product?

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No Restylane result after two weeks

I doubt that anyone would be able to metabolize Restylane in two weeks time. The more likely causes of having no result after two weeks would be due to placement of the product or the amount used.  In treating the marionette lines, I would think that 1cc of Restylane should be sufficient.  I realize that you said not all of it was placed there, so it's possible that you need more and/or it needs to be placed in a slightly different location.  

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Restylane and Metabolizing?

     I think it is likely that you will need more product to fill the areas.



Kenneth Hughes, MD   Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Restylane and "metabolizing product"

Without knowing exact injection placement and technique, it is very difficult to answer your question. You should consider posting photo's of the areas treated and definitely discuss with your provider your expectations.

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You are both wrong.

No one "metabolizes" Restylane in two weeks.  That product will persist in your face well beyond 3 years.  The beneficial clinical effect of treatment can last as long as two years although most decide at about 10 to 12 months to have service "topped off."  It sounds like your dermatologist does not do much filler service.  From the story, I wonder if you had before and after photos  taken?  Without before and after photos it is impossible to properly document the effect of service and address the concerns you have raised.  Uniformly when I see someone who tells us over the phone that they think their treatment disappeared, the before and after photos tell a completely different story.  Will you benefit from additional treatment?  It sure sounds like it.  However, I recommend considering seeing a different injecting physician.

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Restylane after two weeks

No one metabolizes restylane in two weeks, but what you may have been seeing initially was the swelling. Commonly patients need more than they think.

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Did I metabolize my Restylane in two weeks

You didn't metabolize your Restylane in 2 weeks. Just not possible. The fact that you have lines back either means there wasn't enough done there, or it was done too deeply or in the wrong locations. 1ml of Restylane should be enough for the marionette lines, but since we don't know how much was put in there vs used in other places, it seems like you just need more.

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2 weeks post Restylane, too little or metabolized?

It is very unlikely that you metabolized Restylane in 2 weeks, and more likely that you need more product placed.  The placement of the product may be an issue too. 

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The most common complaint with injectables is due to the area being undercorrected.  This occurs frequently in patients that only want 1 syringe.  There are very few patients that will achieve initial correction of any area with 1 syringe.  You did not fully metabolize the Restylane in 2 weeks.  You definitely need more product.

Richard P. Glunk, MD, FACS

Richard P. Glunk, MD (retired)
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