Can I Replace an Implant with a New One in a Whiter Shade?

I'm about to get an implant for one of my front teeth, on the top, right next to the middle two. I'm thinking of whitening my teeth and possible getting lumineers for the other 3 front teeth. If I do that, can I replace the implant with a new one in a whiter shade. I'm already in the midst of the implant process, the screw is in and we're ready to go. I just can't decide on the lumineers right now, and I really need to finish this process so I can eat in public. Thanks!

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Implant for Whiter Smile

I applaud you for thinking ahead and planning the sequence of your cosmetic dentistry. The other Doctors have answered your question well. I would also encourage a long-term temporary crown on the implant made in a brighter shade while your whiten and then have the implant crown and veneers made at the same time. Good luck and enjoy your new smile.

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Implant crown

Thanks  for your question!
Yes an implant crown can be replaced for a brighter shade in the future. However a better solution would be a long term temporary not cemented permanently. Once you have a decided if you would like to move forward with veneers and after the whitening the ceramist can fabricate the case all together. This always works better! On a side note consider veneers over Lumineers. See our previous q & a and follow us for more information on that. Best of luck!

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Yes, but it is best to get the desired color first and then finish the permanent crown

You can have a long term temporary made while you decide. This is stable enough to eat and if can be made to look very good. If you finish the crown and later decide to change the color, it will have to be cut off and remade. Not problem but you will have to pay for the re-make.

I would strongly advise that you NOT get lumineers. This is simply a company brand name for their veneers and I do not like them. They heavily advertise them as no-prep or no-grind veneers. However most of the time you do have to recontour the teeth and  because they you don't "prep" the teeth they come out very overcountoured. They irritate and swell the gums and they look very bulky and opaque. Consider simply traditional feldspathic or pressed veneers which are more life-like and natural and will not damage your gums. These are made by a any certified lab tech that your dentist works with.

Good luck


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Whiter implant crown with bleaching/vaneers

Temporary crown can work as mock up for permanent crown giving you and dentist the opportunity to evaluate esthetics and function. You can do office whitening of remaining front teeth to visualize the possible color changes with lumineers to help you select right shade for implant crown


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Whiter Implant

Implant crowns are lifelike restorations. likewise a good clinical dentist should be able to place a provisional or temporary crown that will please the patient and the tiisues. Once the desired tooth shade is determined a final crown restoration of the appropriate color can be made.


Implant Crown Can Be Replaced With a New Whiter One

Yes. The crown that is on top of the implant can be replaced in the future. Make sure you tell the dentist that you are considering it, so that he does not permanently cement in the crown.

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