Replacing a Crooked Tooth Instead of Wearing Braces for Years?

Is this a possibility? According to my dentist my teeth are nearly perfect except for one... my upper left front tooth. There is no gap however it's in a 30 degree angle. It's not overlapping the tooth next to it or anything and there's enough space for it to fit back in without moving the other teeth. Rather than waiting YEARS for only one tooth to straighten is it a possibility to get it removed and replacing it with an implant? Would it cost less? Thanks

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Implant or Braces

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I would suggest a consultation with an orthodontist first to see what your options are, and because it is also the more conservative treatment. Implants are a great option if you need them, but I'd always prefer a healthy tooth over an implant. I don't think it would take years for the orthodontic treatment and I think it would be less expensive than an implant.

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Malpositioned central incisor

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In the cases when there is a slight nonalignment of the central teeth the orthodontic treatment is providing with best long-term stable result. It shouldn`t take years, it can take up to 12-18 months, verify this information with your orthodontist. But the luxury of having your own tooth with the healthy strong root can not be compared with any other compromised option. The option to remove the tooth and place an implant is not the best option for sure, that most likely will cost even more.

Replacing a Crooked Tooth Instead of Wearing Braces for Years?

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If you are concerned about how long it will take to move, go to the best Orthodontist you can find and see exactly what your options are. It will probably take a lot less time than you think.

In cosmetic dentistry, matching one front tooth is the biggest aesthetic challenge. I have seen many patients on this forum disappointed in the look of their front crown. It takes a great cosmetic dentist to create a result you'll really love.


It will not be less expensive to pull it out, have a dental implant and then a cosmetic crown.

One other consideration is that ALL dental work wears out. over the years, you'll find it's much more expensive to go with your plan rather than moving it. I suggest that you go and see what your exact options are.

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