Is There Anyway to Replace Face Skin with Body Skin?

I am 19 years old boy. I have very bad oily skin in my face, it is dark, but my body skin is very light and good and normal. Is there anyway to replace my face skin with body skin?

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Skin exchange

Grafting of the face is not performed for this indication.  It is really only done for burn victims or traums victims that have lost facial skin.   If you have really oily skin you may want to see a dermatologist to treat this problem.

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Replacing Facial Skin with Body Skin

Facial skin is replaced with body skin only in massive injuries such as burns. While the body skin may look good where it is now it does not look great once grafted to the face UNLESS the whole face is grafted. It usually becomes darker, stiffer and has a distinctive postage stamp quality which is visible from a great distance. In short, facial skin grafting is a reconstructive not a cosmetic operation.

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