Removing Lumps After Fat Transfer

How to remove fat lumps from my forehead after autologous fat grafting? I tried to massage them, but it doesnt really help. Is it helpful to use steroid cream instead of injections?

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Lumps after fat transfer

The central forehead is not the ideal place to do fat transfer to.

Lumpiness is frequent. The lumps presumably are live fat cells and the only way to remove them is surgical. Steroid injection can affect the fat around the lumps and you become more lumpy.

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There are some things that can help

If you have lumps of fat on your forehead from Fat Grafting, they can usually be smoothed out with very aggressive massage. ie: pressing very hard against your bone and moving around. If after a few weeks of doing this, there is no improvement, then I would consider steroid injections, and as a last resort, attempting to remove the lumps.

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Fat transfer

Fat transfer to forehead is rare since it does not work well usually. Having siad that, you may want to consider kenolog ( steroid) injection into the area. Topical steroid creams will probably not work. Massaging may be helpful. Alternatives may include trying the break the small fat clumps with zn 18 gauge needle

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Fat lumps after fat injections

As you have lumpy areas after fat injections on the forehead, ask your doctor if steroid injections would work. Creams or ointments of the corticosteroids will not work and can damage your skin if you use too strong or too frequent an application.

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Lumps and Bumps on the Forehead After Fat Transfer

Hi Stace,

Sorry to hear about your bumps on your forehead after fat transfer.

The forehead is not a great place to put fat grafts for this very reason. Massage is the best you can do for now. Topical steroid cream will not help. Speak with your your physician about Kenalog injections. You may also look into radio-frequency technologies such as Accent XL, Thermage, or Pelleve` to try to smooth things out.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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