Best Way to Remove Fat from Around and Under Mouth?

I am in my late 20's now, but since my early teens, I lamented the fact that I had these sort of "fatty pockets" on either side of my mouth and under my lips. I would like to remove, or reduce the appearance of these. What are the possible procedures that would be most effective? Also when I close my mouth at rest, the skin on my chin kind of puckers - not sure about how to remedy that. Really looking for a permanent reduction procedure (sorry for the red lipstick in some of the pics). Thanks,

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Treatment of bulges under the lips

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The bulges you describe are clearly evident in the photos but it is not clear if they are muscle or fat or some combination of the two. If they are mostly fat liposuction would be a good option. Dimpling of the chin skin when the lips are approximated is called mentalis strain and is usually a sign of receded chin bone. The muscle has to work extra to get the lips to meet. The usual treatment in such cases is a chin implant. From these photos alone it has hard to say which would apply mostly in your case or if both is the best option.

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