Lip Injury From Dog Bite

My puppy bit a smallish (not tiny) chunk of my lower lip... The flesh that was bitten off sort of hangs on top of the wound. It's really swollen & hurts:( The injury wasn't deep enough to require stitches but now there's a hole in my lip! How does lip skin heal? What can I do to aid healing? Will the hole fill up as the wound heals? Or will it have a dented appearance? And if so, what can be done to bring it up to the height of the surrounding skin? Is there such a thing as topical augmentation?

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Lip repair after dog bite.

See an experienced surgeon for an evaluation since it is impossible to give you a good answer with seeing the problem. If the surgeon thinks it will improve, he will wait several months: if not, he may revise it now.

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Lip wound after dog bite

In general lip wounds heal very fast, but any scar or deformity that is left afterward may be able to be corrected by a board-certified plastic surgeon.  You should probably seek a consultation to establish care.  I usually perform scar revisions after one year of healing time.

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