How to Remove Dents on Nose Bridge from Wearing Glasses?

I've been using spectacles for the last 10 years. I wanted to remove them. So I underwent Laser eye treatment to clear my sight.

Due to the use of spectacles, dent marks (black spots) formed on both sides of my nose bridge. Which is this the best procedure to remove these dent marks? Please advice.

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Correcting dents on nose bridge from eyeglasses

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It is important to wait at least six months to make sure that the dent marks are not permanent on the nasal bridge since you have now had laser eye treatment. The spectacles themselves should not leave permanent marks on the nose, but if they have, the black spots on the nose could be more related to plugged hair follicles.

Nose dent marks from eyeglasses

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These will most likely resolve of there own accord. Pigmentation, if present, may be due to inflammation which may take some time to resolve but this is very resistant to treatment.

Radiesse is quick and simple

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This is a filler which is injected and is immediate and you can go to work after having it the same day. It is relatively inexpensive and lasts up to 18 months.

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Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Spectacle marks on side of nose

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Spectacle marks on the side of the nose should get better when no longer wearing the spectacles.  If it is hyperpigmented, sometimes bleaching creams can be helpful.

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