Regarding with Tingling. I Have This Sensation of a Worm Crawling Along the Scar?

As I close my eyes this tingling or " insect" crawling along my scar is there. It comes intermittently. It's so bad and annoying that I cant sleep, and missing work. I'm just scared to close my eyes, because as soon as I do it, it is there. Very bothersome.

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Unusual sensations of the eyelids after surgery

This type of sensation does seem unusual but should get better over time.  I would try massage to decrease the sensitivity. 

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Skin Sensation after Eyelid Surgery

Thank you for your question. Tingling, "electricity", and other odd sensations often accompany the process of nerve healing after facial surgery.  This is normal and generally lasts a few weeks.  If any pain or drainage develops, however, please see your surgeon immediately.

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Strange sensations can accompany sensory return after eyelid surgery.

Patient sometimes complain of bizarre sensations is skin gets to be repopulated by the nerve endings. This is self-limited.

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