Will Reducing my Existing Implants 50cc Change the Size of my Breasts? (photo)

I have 330cc implants (filled 390cc and 375cc) and it took me from a full B/small C to a fullD/DD. This is just too big and I want to be more at a C-cup. I have a slim frame (32D) 5'6" 115lbs. By reducing the amount of cc, is it likely they will wrinkle? I don't want the "lollipop" look. How many cc's do I need to remove to take me to a C-cup? Is it more safer/more effective to get a whole new pair of implants?

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Breast implants

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You  say you currently have 330 cc implants which are overfilled quite a bit. I think you can  reduce each implant  50  cc's without too much concern over rippling. this is especially true if you have high profile implants, which tend to ripple less than low or moderate profile ones. I realize that you and your surgeon would like to avoid having to buy a new set of implants, and I think it will work just fine for your situation.  Regarding what size you will be  and whether you will be happy with the size change, that is all subjective, but it is simple enough to do and can even be done under local anesthesia in about half an hour. I say give it  a try even though  most of the other surgeons who answered this question seem to disagree with me.

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50 cc will not reduce you much

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A 50 cc implant fill difference will be pretty small in your case. Perhaps discuss with your surgeon what he or she advises to get you where you would like to be.


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John Di Saia MD

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Implant decrease

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In most cases, you need to decrease the implant size by 100-125cc to notice a change in cup size. If you choose to do so, you may have excess stretched skin from the prior larger implants. I would talk with your surgeon to discuss your implant size. 

Reducing breast implants by 50 cc may not be noticable

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The reduction of 50 cc  from your current breast implant is not likely to get you to a C-cup. The safer bet would be replacement of the altogether witha smaller one perhaps a 275 cc range. The smaller implant will help prevent a ripple.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Will Reducing my Existing Implants 50cc Change the Size of my Breasts?

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Thanks for the great posted photos. 50 cc's will not change the cup size to a C-cup. You need smaller/new implants in the 250 cc range. Follow up would be nice. 

Breast implant reduction

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A reduction of implants by 50cc. will not make a significant size decrease for the breast cup size.  You may have to reduce the breast implants to a greater size(perhaps a 100cc. difference) to see much of a change.  A new pocket may have tyo be created, since placing a smaller implant into the same pocket that your current implants are in may result in too much movement to the implant, possibly  even flipping upside down.


Good luck to you.


Frank Rieger M.D.  Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Reducing my implnat size

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Reducing your implant size by 50 cc will not get you from a DD to a C cup. At 375 and 390 cc, I would recommend dropping the implant size by more than 100 cc. It's difficult to notice a difference of 40 cc, so 50 cc would make very little difference. I agree that your breasts are huge for your frame. Plus, you had very nice breast to begin with. My opinion is that your implant size should be about 250 cc, but I tend to want the natural look. It sounds like you have saline implants. You cannot deflate salines very much or they will show wrinkles, so you will need new implants.

Remember that heavy breast will sag more, so get the smallest size that you would be happy with, and you will appreciate it in the future. You do not need a lollipop scar from a mastopexy (an up lift) at this time, just smaller implants. 

You need new implants and you can control the look too

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Removing 50 cc's from your current implants won't make any real difference for you.  Generally, you need to go up or down at least 100 to see something that was worth doing.  I'd suggest that you downsize and use a new saline implant.  In cases like yours, there will be no swelling so the valves can be left in over night under sterile dressings and the next day in a big mirror, your surgeon can fine tune the volume for you until you are happy, then pull the valves out.  I preplace a stitch and just tie it down and we're done.  That way, you have the fianl say in the size and look.  Cup sizes are irrelevant.

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