Is It Possible to Reduce the Vertical Length of the Chin?

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Can you reduce the vertical height of the chin ? YES

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The vertical height of the chin can be reduced by making two horizontal cuts in the chin bone with specialized instruments.  The piece of bone in the middle is then removed to shorten the height.

This can be performed as an out patient, allowing you to go home after the procedure.  Search for someone like myself, with both a Dental as well as a Medical degree to allow a broader understanding of the area.  Also see the video below for more on chins.

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Is It Possible to Reduce the Vertical Length of the Chin?

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The height of the chin CAN be increased or decreased by cutting a segment of the chin. If the segment to be removed is cut parallel to teeth plane on both the upper and lower cuts, the height reduction would be symmetrical. If on the other hand the cuts are slanted to allow either forward UPPER movement or forward LOWER movement of the lower chin segment (Sliding Genioplasty), further changes may be made to the chin in addition to height reduction.

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Decreasing vertical height of chin

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Yes it is possible to decrease the vertical height of the chin. There are a number of standard proceedurs for this .  Sliding osteotomies and / or segmental osteotomues can accoimplish this. However these are relatively big operations with prolonged periods of post operative swelling ( 2 to 4 months ) and occasional problems will numbness afterwards. I have also done in the past a proceedure where I grind down the bone with a cutting burr and avoid breaking any bone. This works nicely if only a small amount of bone needs to be removed

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Reducing the vertical height of your chin.

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Reduction in the vertical height of the chin can be achieved with a variety of techniques including sliding or segmental osteotomy approaches. The surgery depends on a thorough evaluation of your craniofacial skeleton and your dental occulusion.

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Reducing the Vertical Length of Chin

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I was hoping you had front and side view pictures to get a better sense of what you meant.

Your chin may appear long due to bony changes, excessive soft tissue, lax skin or a combination. Knowing the cause and the overall shape of your face, for a balanced look, will help determine the best course of action to achieve a reduction in the length of your chin.

Best to consult with a facial reconstructive surgeon or oral maxillofacial surgeon in your area who specializes in genioplasty/ chin work.

Good Luck!

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