What Can You Do to Reduce the Thickness and Puffiness of Asian Eyelids?

Is muscle removed? If so, will it have a negative impact on the eyelid's function?

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Blepharoplasty for puffiness in the Asian eyelids

 Puffiness and  thickness of the eyelids is usually caused from combination of herniated fat in both  compartments of the upper lids. A small strip of skin, muscle and fat removal give more eyelid definition and  reduced thickness in asian eyelid surgery

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Asian eyelids

Without a photograph, it is hard to answer your concerns. In my past, I have improved the puffiness in Asian eyelids with selective fat removal. If other correction is requested, a better crease is made in the upper lids.Consult a board certified plastic surgeon in your area. All the best.

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Asian Eyelid Puffiness

The puffiness of Asian eyelids is because of the eyelid anatomy and it is quite different from non-Asian eyes.  The fat comes down and gives a puffy appearance.  If you are only looking to reduce the puffiness, it can generally be done by removing some of the fat without removing part of the muscle; however, if you are looking to create an eyelid crease and remove fat, then the surgery would be different.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who can assist you in achieving the results you seek.

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Removing thickness in the Asian eye involves reduction of skin, muscle, and fat.

Reduction of volume in any eye is a combination of evaluation of skin, orbicularis muscle, and periorbital fat. Proper final volume of the lid requires the correct management of the structures.

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