Is it normal to feel pain when touch after crown replacement ? (photo)

second week after front tooth emax crown re-placement, left tooth feels constantly very sensitive pain when pressed or touched bottom upwards , shall I be alarmed about it ? ( i got root canals done about 2months ago, and was changing crown only because it partially broke ) Crowns ware placed on inflamed gums this time, Please see X-ray of that crowns and let me know if all looks right or not ? thank you

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Pain from new crown, normal?

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Pain from your new crown is not normal.  Perhaps there is still infection and the root canal should be evaluated.  The x-ray as posted does not show the end of the roots and root canal.  The other possibility is that the tooth is hitting too hard when you chew, and if that is all it is it will be an easy adjustment at the dental office.

Pain to Touch After Crown Replacement

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No, it is NOT normal for a tooth to be painful to touch after crown replacement, especially when there is no nerve in tooth (root canal). Dentist should be checking your occlusion (the way your top and bottom teeth hit eachother when your teeth come together).

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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