Post Rhinoplasty: Recurring Irritating Sensation Following Ear Cartilage Removal

I had some cartilage removed from my ear and transferred to my nose during a rhinoplasty procedure. I now have a non-stop 'sensation' in my left ear. It is not powerful or painful, but continually present and highly irritating. My surgery was eight months ago. Is there a way to solve this problem if it doesn't desist?

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Irritated ear feeling after ear cartilage graft to nose

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It is normal to have some numbness of the ear after harvesting cartilage from behind the ear. Some people experience more of an increased sensitivity, though. I'd suggest having your surgeon check the ear out to make sure nothing else is going on. In some cases an injection of dilute steroid may help. Otherwise, it's usually just a matter of time for the nerves to get back to normal.

Post Rhinoplasty Sensations

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The sensation is most likely scar tissue formation. A small amount of cortisone injection may break up scar tissue and improve the area.

Ear Irritatonafter Harvesting Cartilage

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I'm not aware of any of my patients having this complaint after harvesting ear cartilage for nasal augmentation. See your surgeon - scar contracture could cause a tight feeling.

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Ear sensation following cartilage removal

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It is normal for the ear to be either numb or hypersensitive for up to a year after removal of cartilage

Itch in ear after cartilage graft for rhinoplasty

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We haven't had such a problem in our practice after many cartilage grafts from the ear. Your best bet is an ear exam from your family physician or local ENT. And do let your plastic surgeon have a look as well.

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Ear issue after Rhinoplasty

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I'm curious what the sensation is in your ear, 8 months after an ear graft as I've done these many times for over 20 years and have never heard anyone with this issue.  I'd be worried that there was something else going on in the ear as removing conchal cartilage should not cause prolonged issues.  IMHO, you should have a thorough ear exam, under a microscope by an ENT surgeon to rule out ear pathology. 

Ear issue after cartilage harvesting

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You have to be a bit more specific about what is bothering you. Is it the scar?  Is it a sensory issue like a neuroma?  Hard to say based upon your query.

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