What is Recovery Like for a Mandibular Angle Augmentation/implant and Can These Be Subtle?

There's not a lot of information on mandibular angle implants, especially what recovery is like. What is it like? Is it a few days to regular activity or longer? Also, they seem to not be favored by a lot of the doctors I've seen comment on them. What's the reason? Are they dangerous or not well constructed? I'd essentially like to lower my jawline by about 10 degrees and make it slightly more prominent and masculine. I don't want a cro-magnon look, just a regular jawline.

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Recovery after Jaw Angle Implants

Of all potential facial implantation sites, the jaw angle is the 'hardest' to recover from as the large masseter muscle must be lifted up and the implants placed. Thus, there will be some impressive jaw swelling (like having impacted wisdom teeth removed) and some restriction in how far one can open their mouth in the first few weeks after surgery. While there are no true physical restrictions after surgery, you should anticipate 10 to 14 days until you look and feel closer to normal and a full three weeks until you really are close to looking and eating back to the way you were before surgery.

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Mandibular angle implants

Not a big fan of this procedure. I usually try and talk patients out of this because personally I feel the benefit/risk profile is weighted too much to the risk side. Lots of hand holding post op. I will do them but only if they are absolutely needed and the patient fully understands the pros and cons. Should you be unlucky enough to get an infection getting this implant out and healed would be a mess. Good luck but do not enter into this procedure without due consideration.

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