Recovery Period for Hybrid Tummy Tuck?

I am considering having a hybrid tummy tuck. I do not have much loose skin, just muscle that needs to be tightened. I have a 4 year old and 1.5 year old. I am worried about the recovery. How long will it be before I will be able to pick up and carry my child? When will I be able to work-out again? I work from my home office; will I be able to resume computer/phone work after about 5 days? Thank you so much for your time.

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Hybrid tummy tuck

The hybrid tummy tuck (R) is a short incision tummy tuck that tightens the entire abdominal fascia, both above and below the umbilicus. It was originated in this office. It was specifically designed for fit moms with minimal loose skin but a bulge due to the ripped fascia.

The recovery is somewhat less than for a full tummy tuck in that the lower incision is smaller. Drains are still used by they usually come out by 3 days instead of an average of 6 days for a full tummy tuck.

Limitation wise, patients typically walk immediately, drive and work after about a week.

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When Can I Pick up my Children following Tummy Tuck.?

Strenuous activity and the lifting of more than twenty pounds must be avoided for the first 6 weeks and I think that would include carrying your children..  Many patients are able to return to work and daily activities within 2-3 weeks of surgery if there is no strenuous activities (for example lifting more than 20 pounds). Since you work from home and the fact that sitting is a good position to take pressure off of our scar you can work from home just as long as you are not taking narcotic pain medicines (or you will likely make mistakes.). .  Remember that there is great variability of healing times between patients, which will be prolonged if there are any complications. Softening of the surgical scars, return of sensation, and loosening of the tight sensation may take several months. Abdominoplasty recovery can be in some cases slow and uncomfortable requiring more time for a full recovery.

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Some generalizations on Tummy Tuck recovery


It is the muscular repair of a Tummy Tuck that keeps patients from doing much for a while. It hurts. When you say "hybrid tummy tuck," understand that the term is not standard. You need to discuss with your surgeon what he is planning to do and what kind of activity schedule he desires. Light activity in 5 days may work especially if you have a pain pump and need fewer oral narcotics for pain.

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Difficult to answer without knowing the details of the technique planned, but...

Hi there- I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "hybrid" tummy tuck, as there seem to be many different names for the described procedures now, but as the technique is going to involve muscle tightening and this will determine the majority of your experience, I would say that you should plan on limitation and discomfort for a few weeks. Most of my patients take the prescription pain meds for a week or so, and I would not want you lifting or carrying your child for 6 weeks after surgery (if someone can place him/her in your lap you'll be good). Similarly, you should plan on being unable to workout for about 6 weeks as well, but working at your home office will probably be possible within a week (as long as you are off of the meds).

Hope that helps- I'm sure you'll love your new shape!

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