Attaining Six Pack Abs After Tummy Tuck?

I had a Tummy Tuck and Lipo on August 2006; I was at 197 lbs after 3 kids. I have been hitting the gym since January 2008. I can see and feel my abs strengthening, and see some definition, but I am concerned about the area directly below my sternum. I don't know if that's muscle or if I can flatten that more. Will it be possible to be as defined and flat as I would like?

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Each tummy tuck patient is very different

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That's a pretty tough question to answer, first because I don't know what your expectations are so even if you were my patient, I would have to guess whether or not you'd say the surgical outcome was up to your expectations.

Second, I don't know what your current weight is, so even if you were doing exactly the correct exercises to strengthen and define the upper abdominal area, I don't know if your body fat is low enough to allow the muscle definition to be seen.

You have a two prong attack on this project. First you'll need to do exercises specifically for the upper abdomen. You could meet with a personal trainer to give you a list of those exercises and to show you the proper way to do them.

It's essential to concentrate on form when doing abdominal exercises to avoid developing a rounded appearance rather than a sleek, toned look. In that area particularly, lengthening the muscle will help you avoid that rounded look or "pooch". Doing the exercises incorrectly can actually make the muscles protrude more and become more prominent. I'm guessing that's probably not the look you're striving for.

The second part of the attack is to lower your body fat ratio. A nutritionist or personal trainer can also help you with that. Modifying diet is essential to reduce the fat we naturally carry around that covers up the abdominal muscles.

You may in fact already have the muscle strength and tone you need, but there's just some fat hiding it. It's a shame to do all that work and not get to reap the benefits and show it off a bit even if it's only to yourself!

Good luck! I hope you find that flat upper ab you're looking for.

You may require additional liposuction

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This is an area (the midriff) that can have significant deposits of fat that are not addressed during a tummy tuck because it can affect the blood supply to the lower abdomen and interfere with healing. YOu may require and additional session of liposuction to achieve an improvement in this area!

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