Just Recently my Upper Lip Began Covering my Upper Teeth Almost Completely. What to Do?

36 yrs old, braces 12+ years no breaks. Recent months my orthodontist began closing a large space, I asked him if the lips drooping over my top teeth is due to closing of the space, he said no because he had not moved my teeth up nor down in a long time. Also, side teeth are less visible. I have had temp filler hylauralic acid injected in my lips many times in the past, but nothing since 2008 because for some reason, they maintained their fullness. But why? Is this related to my recent problem?

Please see update posted here.

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Lip/dental relationships need to be evaluated

Thanks for your photos.  The relationships between your lips and dental structures are complex 3D issues that should be further evaluated.  Consider the fact that the presence of braces and your injectable fillers have stretched your lip tissues over time and that the underlying skeletal dental structures are now changing recently.  The combination of factors is very likely why you perceive the upper lip is beginning to cover your teeth.  Additional fillers may make your situation worse.  I suggest you wait for orthodontic stability before correcting your smile by shortening your upper lip height.    This can be done through a variety of minor outpatient surgical methods.  Speak with a qualified board certified surgeon for more specific recommendations.

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