Lip Lift Possible With Fillers?

Can you achieve a lip lift using fillers? I just had a facelift and the doctor did not address my mouth area, therefor the lip area is still very much thin and wrinkled, as it's too late now I'm 4.5 weeks post op, so my question is can fillers be placed under the nose and at the sides of the mouth to bring the lip upwards? When I press under my nose I have my lip back so it's not a matter of filling the lips but in raising them.

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Lip Lift Techniques/Fillers Vary on your needs

An examination would of course be needed but in general there are different ways to do a lip lift that may help to rejuvenate your lips. Seeing a board certified plastic surgeon would be the next step. Fillers only minimally lift the lip through volume restoration but does not correct the problem if the distance between the upper lip and nostril is too long.

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Lip Lift Possible With Fillers?

Fillers will not "lift" the upper lip. Fillers such as Juvederm are very effective at plumping or reshaping the lips but will not shorten the white portion of the lip. Surgery is required to achieve what you're seeking. I hope this information is helpful.

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