Reattaching Lower Lateral Cartilage to the Nasal Spine?

After a case of trauma, the left side of my lower lateral cartilage became deviated from my nasal spine (when I push up and in on it I can hear it clicking back into place and it will stay there for a few seconds before it pops back off). This has made the tip drop and also caused middle vault and valve collapse which has been quite deforming and obstructing my breathing ability. Would both of the problems be able to be fixed simultaneously with grafts and some sort of tip work? Thank you.

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Reattaching lower lateral cartilage

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Yes, you can reattach the lower lateral cartilage to the nasal spine and it will help improve your breathing. Be sure to see an experienced doctor so that they surgery is as successful as possible. 

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Rhinoplasty and nasal cartilage

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It sounds like the problem is upper lateral cartilage displacement and disruption of the alar-septal cartilage ligaments. You need to see a qualified surgeon at a face to face examination for a proper diagnosis and plan of action. You cannot look up these things on your own on the internet and make up your own diagnosis. A proper diagnosis is a prequisite to appropriate surgical planning and a reliably good result.

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