Rash Where my Rhinoplasty Cast Was, Is This Normal?

Just got my cast removed yesterday from a closed rhinoplasty and today a rash or some type of hive appeared exactly where my cast was. Is this normal and how can I treat it?

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Rash from splint

this might be an allergy to the adhesive or an acne flareup.

with that said it will like be gone in a day or two. 

show it to your surgeon and ask abt some hydrocort cream.

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"normal" but not "normal"

I know my title is a bit odd, but its true. It is "normal" that some people have more sensitive skin and thus may form a rash, or a contact dermatitis as us medical people like to confusingly call it. I certainly can't speak for your situation exactly but many people have a small amount of redness, irritation, etc under the cast that can be slightly itchy, irritated, etc. Once the cast is removed I tell my patients they can rinse gently with soapy water but absolutely no scrubbing. If you developed a more serious rash that the residual adhesive (stickiness from the tape/cast) would need to be removed. Its likely you have more sensitive skin and I'd be surprised if it didn't fade away now that the cast is off. 

I do think,t he most important thing to do is to contact your surgeon and have a look. Rarely there can be other issues that can cause problems so its always best if you are worried to ask. As a surgeon, we typically want to know when a problem is happening as we want to make sure its nothing serious and for you, we want to help put your mind at ease. 


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Rash Following Rhinoplasty Surgery

Some patients may experience a temporary rash because the skin pores get plugged with the cast and tape. However, the best person to respond to your question is your rhinoplasty surgeon. I am always available to help my patients when they have questions before and after surgery.

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Rash with Cast Removal after Rhinoplasty

Skin irritation or itchiness can occur after rhinoplasty surgery, in addition to expected bruising and swelling following any facial plastic surgery. The nasal cast itself can irritate the skin due to such factors as any glue, adhesive, taping, or acne flareup. Most skin irritation from a nasal cast resolve quickly once the cast is removed, which is about 7 days from rhinoplasty. Antihistamine tablets may also help relieve symptoms, in addition to local skin care.

A rash could signify other conditions such as allergy or infection. Speak with your plastic surgeon. Only after a comprehensive evaluation can he/she help determine appropriate options for you.

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Rash Where my Rhinoplasty Cast Was, Is This Normal?

      I think the most reasonable thing to do at this time would be to have your surgeon examine your nose.


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