Will IPL photo rejuve on face affect my glutathione + vit c + thiotic acid (iv drip) procedure? Also had juverderm on cheeks.

I just started (3rd session) GSH 600mg + vit c 10g + thiotic acid 25g through iv drip once a week to detox and whiten skim. Also human placenta via IM 3days per injection. I'm Asian in mid 40s. I also had juverderm volume ( I think?) On cheeks done more then 6mths ago. I have bad oily skin but rarely breaks out with mild scarring signed up an IPL package. Will IPL affect the glutathione iv and filler. Also I notice I can't seem to sleep the moment I started the gsh+vitc+thiotic acid. Why so

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Lasers and Fillers -- Can Be Done Together with IV Therapy

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lasers and fillers do not effect your IV or IM therapy but you need a well trained laser physician as you are asian skin type and at more risk for complications post IPL and laser if not done properly.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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