What is causing the lower portion of my areola to dip in?

There appears to be a "dipping" effect going on around both my arreolas. Are they just going to "pop up" when the stitches are removed? In the photo I am using "honey pads to keep the area clean and moist so its hard to see. However above the bottom of my arreola beneath the nipple I can stick my finger inside. I forgot to ask my ps and won't see him again for another week. Any insight would be appreciated. They are also not centered correctly and hope this can be corrected relatively soon?

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What is causing the lower portion of my areola to dip in?

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Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well.. I have to say that the areola position has to be performed on surgery, contact your surgeon and let him or her know about what you're feeling, this can be performed on another surgery as well if you're not happy with your first results. I have to say that you are still early on healing process, it is too soon to determine how your results are going to be, per now, they look very nice and beautiful, you can have one bigger than the other, it is normal and that can happen for the first 3 months until your implants have settle in. I recommend you to wait and keep using your post surgical bra, that will help you with the shape and support. Hugs!

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Periareolar Mastopexy Augmentation

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It is difficult to see what's concerning you with the provided photos. Your breasts are large and it is very early in the healing process.  Many thing will go on in the next 3 months that may or may not affect nipple position, shape, angulation, and size. You shouldn't really concern  yourself right now with much in that regard.

Best of luck!

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Thank you for the question and photo but it is hard to say what is going on from the photo alone so ask your surgeon as he knows what he did.  If you had a circumareola Mastopexy, you are feeling the area within the stitch

Dr Corbin

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Dip in areola

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From the photos you have included, it's hard for me to see what you're talking about. It appears that you had a periareolar incision and that you are early in the postoperative phase. Because there's some tightness there from the sutures and not any tightness above any swelling of the underlying breast will not push the incision out as much as the surrounding breast and this may be what you're referring to as a dip. Let your plastic surgeon who knows you and what procedure they did counsel  you. Good luck and hope you have an uneventful recovery

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
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