Radix Swelling? (photo)

I recently had a septo rhinoplasty 10 days ago. I know it is very early and there is plenty of swelling but I am unsure about the space between my eyes. I am happy with how it looks but am worried that my nose seems to start from my forehead too much? There isn't very much of a dip between my eyes anymore, and I was wondering if this will eventually go down.

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Swelling of the bridge after rhinoplasty is common at 10 days.

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Hello cb93;

Your septorhinoplasty done 10 days ago is nowhere near its final healing point.  Yes, of course there is swelling and an increase of the space between your eyes.  That is very normal at 10 days.  It should go down at this point.  It is not unusual to have some swelling on the forehead.  Do not judge the result which will affect the "dip between your eyes" because we would not expect anything to be normal just 10 days after surgery.

It takes three months or 100 days for the basic healing of the nose to take place.  By that key milestone, 90% of the result is in.  Over the next nine months until the one year mark, there will be some minor changes which will be very imperceptible. 

The best thing you can do is to quickly make an appointment to see your cosmetic surgeon, have him check and reassure you that all is well.  I doubt if there is any serious problem because, typically, swelling gets worse if there is infection, bleeding or anything else that would be a threat to the success of the operation.

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Swelling of radix

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It is quite common to still be swollen from surgery just 10 days later. Swelling may take several months to go down after rhinoplasty, and healing may take 1-2 years. Be careful with your activities so you will not encourage more swelling.

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