Radix Implants

does anyone recommend a radix implant specifically made for the radix region as a last resort?. ive been looking at the medpor website and they have an implant for that area. is infection high or will it be okay to use if requested?

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Radix implants

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Radix implants are usually composed of the patient’s own tissue, not a synthetic implant.  We do not recommend Medpor implants in the nose due to frequency of infections and complications.  They are very difficult to remove because of tissue ingrowth and extensive damage can be caused of the nose if they become infected and have to be removed.  Always try to use the patient’s own natural tissues for this area, such as cartilage or temporalis fascia.  

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Radix implants

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I have used it on a number of patients who have been happy with it but the patient population it applies to is limited. To date I have only used it on Asian patients whose nasal bridge deficit was limited to the root of the nose. Placing the implant in these patients diminishes the epicanthal folds and I have found it to be a good alternative to surgery directly on these folds. Because the implant is compact and hard it has to be preheated to soften it. That way after placement it can be shaped by hand to fit the bone surface contour. When it cools to body temperature it rehardens. If you do not do this and it does not match the surface contour it has a tendency to rock in position.

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