Can I Quit Invisalign Treatment?

I started a treatment with Invisalign but in the first days I had very strong feeling of vomiting and I stopped to wear because I am afraid that it will affect my health.Just now I realised that I signed the contract without giving me opportunity to read this and even I don't have my own copy.I contacted the dental centre this week to send me the copy but they don't want to do this.I worry a lot because I don't know what I signed.My doctor doesn't care what's happening.What can I do?

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Invisalign refund

If you have begun treatment with your invisalign aligners then all the aligners have been manufactured and the cost to the dentist has been paid.  It is the decision of the office that you are working with to give you a refund or not.  Work with your dental office to come up with a fair solution.

Dr. Jim Salazar 

Encinitas Dentist

If Invisalign treatment has started, don't expect a full refund

The entire lab part of the case has already been created and paid for.  If treatment is to cease, there are certain costs that cannot be refunded.  Each office can set their own policy, but a full refund is not likely.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
Seattle Dentist
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