Average Cost of Invisalign in Washington DC?

I am considering invisalign braces, I have seen two doctors so far both said it will take up to 1 year for my case, and ask for $6,500 for total cost. on realself.com average invisilagin treatment is $4,500... what do you guys think about the price i got? thank you

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Invisalign prices are different all over the country

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I guess its supply and demand. But east coast dentists charge more than west coasters. You may have to look around and see if there are more afordable ones,but remember the cheaper isnt always better. Get a provider that has done a lot of cases to be safe.

Los Angeles Dentist

Invisalign price varies

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Hi. I would be wary of average prices as they can be misleading. Does the average price include invisalign express and full invisalign cases together? Does the average fee include just invisalign or does it also include the records and retainers at the end?  Does it include refinements?

In general, the price tends to be greater in the Northeast as well as in a city, like D.C.  The price also depends on if a general dentist or an orthodontist, a specialist, is treating you as well as treatment time. I practice in NYC and I think that the price you were given is very fair.

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist

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