How Quickly Do You Lose Weight After the Lap Band Surgery?

My doctor and I have discussed weight loss surgery, specifically lap band surgery. I all for and excited about the possibility of the surgery, except, I'm getting married about 9 months from now. I just bought my wedding dress about a month ago and am worried that after the surgery I will lose so much weight that I will not be able to fit in to my dress. Buying a new dress or getting the current one dramatically altered is not a possibility. Please advise and thank you!

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Ideal Weight Loss with Lap-Band Surgery

The ideal weight loss with Lap-Band surgery is one to two pounds per week with a goal of sustained loss of 60% to 80% of excess body weight. Studies have shown (J Gastro Surg, 2005) that the weight loss achieved with Lap-Band surgery is equivalent to gastric bypass at two to three years. However, gastric bypass patients have a tendency to begin to regain weight after three years. The weight loss with Lap-Band surgery is much more likely to be sustained.


The pattern of weight loss with Lap-Band surgery is gradual and steady. You may notice that your weight loss will sometimes plateau for a few weeks. This usually corresponds with an increase in hunger and a feeling that you can eat more than you should. These signs indicate that you may benefit from a fill or adjustment of the band. Once the band has been adjusted, you will likely notice that hunger subsides and weight loss resumes.

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