Can You Have Lap Band if You've Had a Nissen Fundaplication?

Can You Have Lap Band if You've Had a Nissen Fundaplication?

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Nissen Fundoplication and the Lap-Band

Unfortunately, this is the one previous surgical procedure that makes it very difficult and potentially unsafe to have a Lap-Band implanted. The Nissen Fundoplication involves wrapping the upper stomach around itself just below the junction with the esophagus. This is the exact area where we need to place the Lap-Band so in order to have the Lap-Band implanted we would need to "undo" the previous surgery. This increases the risk of infection and injury to the stomach and is not advisable.

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Bariatric surgery after Nissen Fundoplication

You can have bariatric surgery after Nissen fundoplication, but the fundoplication would have to be "undone."  You should be aware that this significantly complicates the operation.

I will also mention here that anyone considering gastric banding should think long and hard before having this type of operation.  Most surgeons in Europe have abandoned this operation due to poor weight loss and high incidence of complications as the years go by.  It just isn't turning out to be a good operation.  Many of us believe that gastric bands will (or should) be taken off the market in the next few years.

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