How Long Can You Go with a Lap Band Slip Before Re-operation to Reposition or Remove?

Barium swallow confirmed lap band slip after bad cough. Band emptied no change after 6 weeks. Symptoms - primarily acid reflux and food limitations though can eat more. Occasionally get slight pains when I over eat. Recent EGD showed my acid reflux issues. Want to wait to January (5 months) before operation to re-position (if possible) or remove due costs. Will slip hurt my stomach if I don't get it taken care of quickly? 3 months since slip occurred.

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Lap-Band Slippage

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It is generally recommended that a band slip or pouch dilatation be resolved as soon as possible after the diagnosis is made.  Sometimes the symptoms are better with a partial or complete defiling of the band.  Occasionally it needs surgery to reposition or remove the band (if that is your choice).  Most patients find that the band is not helping them and they are not losing weight when there is a slip or pouch dilatation, so the sooner it is treated, the sooner you will get back to losing weight.

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