Lapband Leakage. Can It Be Repaired?

Can a leakage from the balloon be repaired or need a new band. I had my band for only a year and I don't have no restriction.

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Repair of leaking LapBAND

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If the leak is from the balloon part of the Band, the band needs to be replaced.  There are only two causes of this type of leakage; the most common cause would be damage during placement of the band (needle puncture).  The other would be a manufacturing defect (highly unlikely).

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Lap-Band Leakage

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The Lap-Band is a prosthetic device made out of silastic, an inert material that has been used in medical devices for decades. It does not break down or detoriate over time and can be safely left inside the body for life.


The Lap-Band is designed not to leak and has not shown deterioration in any report studies.

Christopher S. Cobourn, MD
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