What Are Some Quick Solutions Besides Braces for Spaced out Teeth? (photo)

My teeth are extremely spaced out, i dont want to get braces because they take too long. I was wondering if there are any quick solutions to my problem. I have been looking into teeth bonding, porcelain veneers and lumineers, PLEASE HELP

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Solutions other than braces for spaced teeth

Some things to consider:

1. Nothing is good as natural teeth...anything artificial added to your teeth will need to be replaced a number of times over your lifetime

2. If you have normal sized teeth closing the spaces will make your teeth look too big

3. Spacing is one of the easiest and fastest problems to correct with Invisalign

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Alternatives to braces

You would definitely benefit from orthodontic treatment. If you did not want to do a fixed appliance such as braces, you could definitely correct your spacing issues and bite with Invisalign. It wouldn't take too long and I'm sure you would be thrilled with your results. 

Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling, DMD
New York Orthodontist
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Quick Solutions are not the always best.

Nothing is as good as your natural teeth as the previous doctor mentioned.  It looks like your spaces are fairly large and bonding would make your teeth look worse because they would be not proportional.  They will be wider than longer, which you won't like when it's finished.  Your best option is orthodontics.  From there, you can choose braces on the front of your teeth, braces on the back of your teeth or a clear tray aligners such as Invisalign or Clear Correct.  Unfortunately, there are no "quick" solutions that I think you'll be happy with.  Good luck. 

Robert Passamano, DDS
Irvine Orthodontist

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