Are Braces on the Upper Six Front Tooth Effective?

my problem was my two front tooth only for they are slightly slanting inwards which do not look good on photos esp on side and upper dentist said that it is just a minor case and said that I dont need to put braces at all but since I insit on straighting my two front tooth, he put braces only on my 6 upper front teeth, he said that the rest of my teeth are properly aligned and I have a good bite too so no need to disturb the rest of the teeth. my treatment is 8 mos, is it good?

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The challenge is that orthodontics is basically a "tug of war" with teeth.  You need the other teeth for leverage to get the proper movement.  many times we bracket more teeth than we intend to move, if only to keep them where they are.


In MY office, I would have gone all the way back to the molars, just to be sure the straight ones stay that way with added leverage to get the others done.  But I may have considered porcelain veneers as well, since that can be done in 2 visits two weeks apart with little chance of teeth moving back (no need for a retainer).  Possibly even cheaper than the braces, too.


You are likely fine.

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