Retainers Vs Invisalign for my Condition? (photo)

I cannot get insurance for or afford the out of pocket charge of 3000.00-6000.00+ for invisalign or braces. I have what I call mild crowding.. have not made my appointment yet for the ortho.But I have called around I was quoted between 150.00-250.00. for a retainer for crowding. I also suffer from an underbite which hasn't caused me too many problems. Right now I just want to see if retainers will suffice to improve the crowding I do have. This condition keeps me from smiling :(

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$150 for retainer to straighten teeth.

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Retainers of this type are to HOLD teeth that are already straight.  It is possible to move teeth with some types of retainers but not very efficient or effective.  It also costs more than $150 because it requires multiple visits to re adjust the retainer.  Probably better to get some short term fixed appliances and actually get the teeth straight before you get the retainer which is likely included in the cost of the treatment.

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Retainers or invisalign

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Well you do get what you pay for and a few hundred dollars is very little to pay for expert treatment and the cost of running an office!

Many people call any removable appliance a retainer, but technically, only an appliance used to hold teeth in an already corrected position is a retainer....anything else is an active appliance.

So the question is....what needs to be done and what type of appliance can accomplish this movement?...

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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