Is it ok to put pressure on the anterior dental bone graft 3.5 mos after surgery?

apr 2012-#8 tooth fx, implant failed Jan 2013-2nd implant placed Jan 2014-restoration and ant bone graft placed no pain until May 2014-3 1/2 months after the last procedure, the perio palpated the ant bone graft on my follow up exam. To me it was a hard pressure but he said he just palpated the area. Since then, I have been having pain on the area where he put pressure on. Did he do any damage on the graft site by putting pressure on it? I really don't know why I started to have pain after that.

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Pressure from finger  used for examination (no matter how hard it may be)doesn't damage the bone or bone graft. Your body did not take up the bone graft and the area is occupied by granulation tissue  ( inflammatory tissue)and so even a  little pressure might have triggered the pain. Get the latest xray of the site and see if everything is okay.if it is found that the graft site is filled with granulation tissue, go for immediate removal of implant and wait for 45days and then get a new implant done in that site.

See your dentist

Sounds like only a complete evaluation including x-rays can determine what may be going on. Possible failure of the implant to osseointegrate. Its hard to speculate in this forum without more information. See your dentist who placed the implant as soon as you can.

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