Ptosis Surgery (LPS Resection) Recovery Time?

I had LPS resection where the surgeon put the incision under the eyelid. He used dissolvable stitches and said it will take up to 4 weeks for them to dissolve. This was 5 days ago and I still dont see any results. If at all, the eye looks smaller and there is some swelling. I am seeing double and blurry with that eye. The eye seems to close fully. How long does the swelling last? Is the double-vision/blurryness normal? When will it resolve?

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Eyelid surgery healing

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It can take up to 6 months to see final results of your eyelid surgery, although the majority of the swelling will be gone by 4-6 weeks after surgery.

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Time - give it time

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Ptosis surgery is delicate when using both the anterior or posterior approach. A minimum of 6-8 weeks is needed to see a result due to localized edema along the lid margin (above the lashes) which can frustrate patients for weeks and even months at times. Blurriness is normal when using postoperative ointment and can also cause double vision due to corneal surface irregularities. This all should abate over time. Follow up closely at 1 week and 4-8 weeks with your surgeon to discuss if revision surgery is needed, as with ptosis surgery, many times this may be indicated.

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Ptosis surgery recovery time

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It's very early.  I would wait about 2 to 3 weeks before beginning to judge the results.  Also, follow up with your surgeon closely.  He/she will guide you through this.  Don't worry, you'll do great but follow up with your surgeon. 5 days is just too early to tell


Best of luck

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The suture can be an ocular surface irritant which will cause mucous production and some surface irregularity that is likely causing your "double vision/blurriness". This will improve over time, as will the swelling. If by 1 month you see absolutely no improvement in your eyelid position, the surgery may have been ineffective. Five days is not nearly enough time for you to be worried.


A.J. Amadi, MD
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5 days is very early from this type of surgery.

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Swelling in the eyelid cause the lid to be heavy.  It is much like pasting a coin to the eyelid.  It will weigh it down.  As the swelling resolves, the eyelid position often dramatically improves.  This can be a slow process.  The swelling really has little to do with the type of suture used.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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