I have started using capillus laser cap pro 272 $3,000.00 model. can I be losing more hair toward front and temple with this?

Since starting.. My hair feels thinner and losing more hair in front right and left since I started. Did not have problem before using this ad far as loss is concerned. or is this not possible and will see results with this?

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Hair cycles

All hair cycles through growth resting and shedding phases.  All treatments that are effective can speed up the whole cycle for many hairs, and can push the hair into a shedding cycle - a temporary condition.  You will have to continue using the PBMT device for 6-12 months before your see results, but a temporary shed is not a reason to stop the treatment (and it may have been caused by something else since even human hair goes through regular seasonal shedding phases).

Good luck!

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Using the capillus laser cap pro

The use of a laser will not impact genetic hair loss or stop the progressive nature of it. Although the unit you are using is a high quality unit, it may not do the job you wanted

William Rassman, MD
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