Any experience with post-keratin hair treatment shock loss? (photo)

Dear all, I've been wondering about my sudden hair loss, I have never had an issue with losing hair (only opposite issues) and after numerous blood tests I know it's not hormonal or hereditary. I underwent coloring and a keratin treatment 2 months ago and I'm afraid it is the culprit. Are there any treatments/products that could reverse the damage or wash the keratin out of my hair? Have any of you heard/experienced keratin caused hair loss? My hair is very thin especially on the top.Thank you.

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Keratin treatment

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depending on which treatment product was used, the chemicals and/or heat can cause damage and breakage of the hair, especially if done by an inexperienced provider. typically the results last 2-3 months from the treatment, so you should see your existing hair returning to its state prior to the treatment. if the damage was due to the treatment, you will need a good 9-12 months for the damaged hair to regrow. 

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Female hair loss

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Keratin is a topical powder and I have never heard that it is related to hair loss. If you find that the case, stop using it

William Rassman, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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