Is there a Way to Smooth the Protuberant Philtrum Area? (photo)

Hello, I want to now if there is any technique to smooth a protuberant philtrum area, I mean the area between my nose and upper lip. I don´t have ridges, is just that the area looks a little too masculine or something. Even my plastic surgeon was intrigued by it but did not suggest any fix. And it is not a dental problem, my teeth are not protuberant or crooked. I don´t know if it clearly shows on the picture.

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Don't Overdo It!

From the photograph you provided, it appears to me that you have beautiful features and a lovely face. The best advice is to avoid a surgical procedure if possible.  With additional photos, it may be possible to suggest augmentation of other areas of your face with fillers (like Juvederm) that may acheive the look you desire, without the risk of surgical scars.

However, ask some of your friends and family if they think that your philtrum is too large, and I would be suprised if they do not say you look just fine or even lovely. Ask enough people what they think and I believe it will convince you that you do not need to do anything to change you appearance.

Burley Facial Plastic Surgeon

It is just amazing what bothers us.

One has to be very careful what they wish for they may find it.  It dealing with an issue for someone with a very attractive face, it is important that it may be difficult to make the face much better but relatively easy to make the face less authentic.  I think taking out volume in this area would be a huge mistake.  However it might be possible to make some other perioral areas better.  This might include a time bit of volume along the lip edge and possibly chin volume.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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