Procedures to Lessen the Appearance of a Skin Graft Scar (Donor Site)? (photo)

Hi. Several years ago I experienced an accident which necessitated skin grafts. The doctors took the grafts from my thighs, and ever since there has been unsightly scarring there. I want to be able to wear shorts and skirts again without feeling self-conscious, so are there any procedures that can lessen the appearance of the scarring?

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Scarring from skin grafting

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If there is mostly a discoloration to the area, I would suggest laser or IPL treatments to improve the coloration of it.  The type of treatment would be guided by your skin type, and what is the goal of the treatment.  If there is still some dark purplish discoloration present, this is still amenable to laser treatment but excision is sometimes necessary it if has become a painful scar.

Fractional laser resurfacing of skin graft donor scar

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I would consider some fractional laser resurfacing for the skin graft donor site. I have seen that laser method make a difference in its appearance.It may take more than one treatment but improvement is usually possible.

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