Does Pressing Your Nose or Sleeping in a Certain Way Make Your Nose Bridge Thinner?

I have a wide nose bridge ever since I was a kid I press my nose really hard that sometimes it starts to hurt, for a day it seems that little has been changed but whenever I wake up it seems as if it grew even more in size. Second ; If yu sleep in a way that yur hand is covering your left or right eye and than yu sleep on that side, this creates yur hand pushing up and the gravity pushing down the nose(the width) will sleeping this way make yur nose smaller?

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Changing the Appearance of the Nose While Sleeping?

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There is no way to change the appearance of the nose with pressure while sleeping.  The cartilaginous structures of the nose have a certain degree of flexibility, but surgical intervention is required to change their shape.

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Thinning of nasal bridge with pressure

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To the best of my knowledge sleeping in a certain position does not change the structure of the the nasal bridge.

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