Can a endontist do a root canal through a veneer?

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Root canal through #veneer? #DrSoftTouch

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A veneer is a porcelain restoration covering the front of a tooth. When a veneered tooth is in need of root canal therapy, the endodontist will make an access point on the back side of the tooth then seal with a filling. The endodontist will not need to drill through your veneer. I hope this helps.  Click "save" under my name to follow me on RealSelf and ask more questions.


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endodontist is root canal treatment specialist.he is trained to do any kind of root canal treatment. in yr case anyways veneer is not an issue because veneer is on the front side and RCT approach from the  back side of the tooth.

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Yes an endodontist can do a root canal through a veneer. If the tooth is in the front of the mouth the root canal will be done through the toungue / back side of the tooth. This shouldn't affect the integrity of your veneer.

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

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A Veneer is a porcelain covering over the front of the tooth.  When the endodontist or dentist does the root Canal it will be done from the back of the tooth for front teeth and top of the tooth on back teeth.  


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A veneer is only on the front of the tooth and the root canal is done through the back. The doc will drill the access hole in the back of the tooth and not touch the veneer. 

Robert L. Rioseco, DMD
White Plains Dentist

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