I had temporary veneers fitted (plastic ones) & they look awful! There's a big hole on the front of one. Is this normal?(photo)

Is this normal? Should I get the dentist to sort them? I don't know how I can live with these for 2 weeks while the real ones get made! I hate everything about them - the colour, shape and the hole! Also my gums are bleeding slightly. I got them done today - is this normal? Thanks.

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I would recommend returning to your dentist to have adjustments made to your temporaries so they are more cosmetic for you. The temporaries I make for my patients are pretty cosmetic, but not all temporaries are. Be sure you ask your dentist to let you see the permanent veneers in your mouth before having them bonded. This will let you see if there is anything that you would like to change. I hope this helps.  Feel free to click to save my name below, in case you have more questions in the future.


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visit your cosmetic dentist. and discuss your concern. its my advice , tell your cosmetic dentist to put finals on yr teeth , check it once and if u r happy, than go of cementation. and if u r not happy , tell him for changes.

remember, once cementation is done . no changes is possible.

Temporary Veneers

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As soon as the Temporary veneers were done and you did not like them you should have said something right away.  They should mimic the final veneer very closely. Immediately go back to them and share your concerns. They should fix it right away. Make sure you try on the final veneers before it is permanently cemented in place and let them know if you don't like something.  TI will be very hard to change anything after it is bonded in place permanently.   

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Temporary veneers

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Thanks for posting the pictures. Your experience is definately not normal. Your temporary veneers should be very close in contour and shape to what the permanent veneers are going to be. It is unacceptable for you to walk around for 2 weeks with a hole. Call the dental office and get back in to have these remade.
Additionally share your concerns about the contours and length of these teeth. If you don't like the temps you definately don't want your veneers to look like them. Also, when it is time to place the veneers ask to see them before they are bonded. Once they are in your mouth it is more difficult to correct anything you are unhappy with. If you don't like the final veneers do not allow them to be bonded, have the dentist make  adjustments until you are happy. Extra time spent on the front end will assure you are happy with these for the long term.

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

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