Post-op Care for Yag Laser

I had Yag laser treatment for removing a large sunspot on my face, plus some small ones. Didn't get any postcare instructions and "doctor" has gone away for a week. Should I wash my face, with what? Should I put a dressing on it, or an ointment, what kind? When will the dark brown crust come off and how should I care for my skin then? All I was told is to put high SPF sunblock on daily. Thanks for any advice.

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Post-Laser Care

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Your Doctor was right-- the MOST important thing after any procedure is good sun avoidance and sunscreen SPF 30 or greater every 2 hours when in the sun. The sun can actually re-pigment that area and take it longer to heal. Wash very gently (no scrubbing or wash cloths). We like Cereve vs Cetaphil gentle face cleansers. Aquaphor is great. Biafine (need script) is also great for fast healing.

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Post Care Instructions....

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You may wash your face daily with a gentle cleanser.  If your provider did not recommend a specific wash or after care product from their office you can use an over the counter product like Cetaphil or Cerave, they are great and cost effective.   Keep your skin moisturized with a good fragrance free, gentle moisturizer.  I highly suggest you use Aquaphor on the brown treated areas.  DO NOT pick, or scrub any of your brown spots off.  Let them heal and fall off on their own!  Otherwise, you risk scarring.  It can take 7 to 10 days on average for your skin to heal.  Do not forget to use a daily sunscreen!!!

Hope this helps. 

Dr. Grant Stevens      

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