Age Spots Worse After Initial Laser Treatments - Stop or Will Get Better?

I have had two of the six scheduled treatments for age spots and broken capillaries on my face with Fontona's Nd:YAG laser. Fotona calls this their FRAC3 laser method. While the broken capillaries are better, my age spots are much, much worse. So much worse, that I'm truly worried about continuing this process even though I have prepaid (I know, dumb!)for 6 treatments. Will this get better or should I expect even more age spots showing up with more laser treatments? And yes, I use sunscreen religiously.

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Age spots appear worse after laser

Initially, brown spots will darken after treatment with a Nd:YAG laser.  Over the course of a week or two, the dark spots will peel off leaving fresh, pink skin. It is important to keep the areas moist, protect them from the sun, and not to pick them to allow for the best healing possible. 

It is possible that after the spots heal, patients can still be left with brown marks.  This is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and is the result of inflammation in the skin. Post-inflammatory pigmentation will resolve on its own over time, but the best treatment is prevention!

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Age spots

Wait for 4-6 weeks and see how the results are. If no change stop the treatment and seek a good Plastic Surgeon who does the work himself/herself and not a technician doing your treatments

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