What Can I Do About Raised/Stretched Skin Above the Sternum? (Photos)

I am post op 6 days currently and I am very concerned about the skin between my breasts. It is extremely stretched, tight, and rasied. Is there anything I can do to correct this as I am healing? Also, why is there two incesion areas on the one breast?, and is that going to affect my nipple placement?

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Contour changes over sternum early in healing process is temporary

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The changes you have seen over the sternum area after your breast augmentation are common early on after a a breast augmentation especially when the implants are on the larger size.  This is a temporary issue and will go away.  Compression with lipo-foam that is cut out to match the contour of the sternum between the breasts can help but is not necessary.

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Early Skin Stretching

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Your problems are due to the size of your implants which are too large for your chest width causing severe tightness of the skin between your breast implants. This may improve with time but the oval shape of your breasts may persist.

Richard Linderman, MD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

Stretched skin with breast augmentation.

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I do often wonder why many women choose such large implants. It increases the possibility of complications for sure. Having said that I think you'll be ok. You're very swollen and it will go down. The presternal skin will recover. You don't have symmastia. I don't think you have two incisions on the right side I think there is just a temporary crease at the right mid nipple due to buried stitches tethering the dermis. This is helping the wound closure and will disappear over a few weeks. My message: don't worry it all looks like it will be ok and you will get a good outcome but you're lucky. The implant size you've chosen was risky.

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Possible symmastia

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It looks like your implants were not sized correctly for your breasts. They're too wide.

At this time you're early on in your recovery. Yes, the skin between your breasts is problematic, but you should wait at least a couple of months before assessing your results. It may resolve itself as you recover. Keep an eye on it and make sure your surgeon is aware of your situation. 

Talk to your surgeon

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This is more visible shortly after surgery, particularly with implants that are not sized correctly for the patient's body. It will probably improve with time. It takes about three to four months for your breasts to take on a more natural breast contour. In the meantime, please talk to your surgeon to find out what you can do to address this issue. Best of luck.

Raised skin over sternum after breast augmentation

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First of all, it is too early to tell if this is going to be a long term problem.  However, as has already been stated, it appears that your implants are too large for your frame.  This is likely contributing to the elevation of the skin over your sternum.  You may want to try the thongbra.  It will put pressure on your sternal area and help prevent the implants from dissecting the pocket further to the center.  

What Can I Do About Raised/Stretched Skin Above the Sternum? (Photos)

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Too early to advise, only 6 days. Best to re post a photo at 3 weeks so we can advise. Have you discussed with your chosen surgeon? 

Problems with breast implants that are too large

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I believe your concerns about the skin and the nipple crease will not be a long term issue as skin is elastic and usually stretches. 

Unfortunately for this very reason, I believe you may very well face other problems in the future. Simple stated, your implants are too large for your body. They go well beyond the boundaries for your chest wall. Your areolas are stretched and large 6 days post op and will only get larger. You have very limited room in your chest for your implants to move so any amount of scar tissue will cause capsular contracture and breast frimness of some degree. 

In summary, your current concerns will abate in my opinion. However if you wanted natural looking breasts, you may be disappointed long term due to the size chosen. 

Tight skin between breasts after breast implants

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Your photos show implants which are very large for you and do not fit within the skin envelope of the breast. The implants are pushing up the skin in between creating a web and it may be the start of the breast running together in the center, symmastia, or on the internet what is called a uniboob. It is possible that the skin envelope may relax, though it looks worrisome and you should stay in close contact with your surgeon.

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What Can I Do About Raised/Stretched Skin Above the Sternum? (Photos) Answer:

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It is too early to tell if that is going to be a long term problem or not. Your implants look very large for your frame and too large of implants in a thin woman can do this. Other times I have seen this be a problem even long term in normal size, just depending on the anatomy.  As far as the two incisions on one breast…I am unsure about that. You have to ask your doctor why. That seems unusual to me.


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